Mash Dal / Black Gram Lentil

Black gram aka mash ki dal is my favourite lentil and it is good for ur health...Must have this lentil in winter and rainy season....

Mash dal  2 cups
Green chilli 6 slit
Mint leaves 1 cup
Coriander Leaves 1 cup
Black pepper powder 1/2 tsp
Ginger garlic paste 1tsp
Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
Tomatoes 1

Method For Dal
Wash mash dal nicely.
Take Pressure cooker and add full 2 cups water.
Close the lid and led with whistle and let it cooked for 3 to 5 minutes as per your cooker
3 TO 5 minutes close the cooker and set aside.

Now lets begin with tempering part
take a deep pan or kadai.
and cooking oil to it.
Now add onions and fry until crispy.
Then add some salt, green chillies and fry it on low heat.
After its done take  out fried onions and green chillies and set aside.
Then next step in the same pan add chopped tomatoes,turmeric,ginger garlic paste,coriander and mint leaves.
Mix well for a minute.
Now add cooked mash ki dal with 1/2 cup water and mix well.( Check salt if needed)
Sprinkel black pepper powder.
Add fried onion and green chillies on top and serve it with chapathi.

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