Suji K Halwa

Suji Ka Halwa one of My fav

2 Tbsp Ghee
1 Cup Semolina (rawa)
1 Cup Milk
100 Grams Khova
3/4 Cup Sugar
1 tsp Cardamom Powder (elaichi powder)
Dry Fruits (Almonds, Pistachio, Raisins, Muskmelon seeds)

Heat the ghee in a pan.
Add the semolina and roast it till it changes in light brown colour.
Remove from the pan and keep aside.
Combine 1 cup of water, milk, sugar, khova  and cardamom powder and mix well bring it to boil.
Add the roasted semolina and stir continuously till sugar syrup and semolina get mixed thoroughly.
Add the dry fruits, cover and cook for 2 minutes.
serve hot.
Suji K Halwa Suji K Halwa Reviewed by Tabu Hussain on January 09, 2015 Rating: 5

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