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Assalamwallaikum Dear Friends, Today here it's a rainy day with beautiful weather outside wow I love rain :) I want to share yummy recipe with you first of all meet my friend Ainy/Noor is a great lady,I am really excited to share her  second guest post with me.We  know each other through Facebook pages.She is full of ideas mashallah, I'm honoured to have her as my friend sister & guider..she is a good listener and never get tired of anything Alhamdulillah stay bless dear... :D she answer my replies any time with a quick reply..may Allah bless you and your family ainy sis with lots of happiness in future...

                                             The Best thing about having a
                                              sister was that I always had a
                                                       ---Cali Rae Turner

Over to Sis Ainy/Noor for her yummy Licious Recipe.

Iam truly thrilled to be here,as i have always felt a connection to Tabu she is such a nice and cooperative girl.Oh let me introduce myself first :) Iam Ainy from AINYCOOKS,just popping in to bring you a super easy and delicious dessert.In Punjab, Pakistan this is a very famous
dessert. Few months ago I have posted the dessert with similar name but entirely different method and taste. You can check the recipe here MUKHADI HALWA . You can check another recipe of

Semolina 1 cup
Sugar 3/4 cup
Cardamom 4 
Milk 1 cup
Ghee 1/2 cup
Nuts as needed 


In a bowl soak semolina, sugar in milk. (you can replace milk with water too).

In a heavy bottom pan add ghee and cardamom , let it crackle pour semolina mixture in it.

Now start stirring till ghee separates.

Color of halwa will be white not brown.

Garnish with nuts and serve hot.

I have selected this recipe because of its different and delicious taste. I have learned this recipe from my maid and iam grateful to her for teaching me wonderful recipes.Now its my job to share good food and recipes with others and work create recipes for others to enjoy.

Many thanks to Tabu for giving me space to share one of my recipe with you, her lovely readers.

                                        Having a Sister is Like
                                        Having  a Best Friend....

Thank You Sis Ainy For such a delicious recipe...Inshallah I will try :)
Dear Friends Visit sis Ainy/Noor Website for more Recipes AINYCOOKS

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Ainy cooks said...

Salam To all readers of Arabic bites, I am grateful to Tabu for heart touching words for our precious relationship. I am proud to have sis like her in my life..:)
Hope you all will try this recipe. I am sure you will like it.

Tabu Arabic Bites said...

Wallaikumasalam sis thank u dear :)

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