Falooda Fusion

Recipe Falooda Fusion Shared By Misbah Falak
Beat this summer with this yummy Drink Falooda Fusion shared by my reader...

Fruits cut in Cubes
China Grass(agar agar) 1 packet
Vanilla essence 1tsp
Sugar 2tbsp
Vanilla Ice cream 2 scoops
Chocolate syrup for garnish

Take all fruits and chopped in cube shape.

Add 2 tbsp of sugar in chopped fruits and mix it well.

Now make the china grass .
China Grass (agar agar)- 1 packet
Soak it in 3 cups of water for an hour.
after one hour cook agar agar with the same
water in which it had been soaked.
As time been the agar agar will get dissolve,
now add sugar as per your taste.Cook until it becomes
little thick.
Now turn off the stove,Add 1tsp of vanilla essences
and pour over the fruits in the glass as seen in image N0-1

Note:- While making agar agar stir it continuously.

Take a tall glass and add half chopped fruits and pour the layer of china grass on it as u see in pic 1, let it cool for 1 hour set aside.

Last step add a scoop of vanilla ice cream again layer it with half chopped fruits.

Garnish with some hershey chocolate or any other chocolate syrup...
Sever it chill...

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