Nimish-A Nawab's Delight / Famous Daulat Chat

Recipe Nimish-A Nawab's Delight also know as Famous Daulat Chat At Delhi Shared By
Sania Nora

Good Morning Ladies, Finally I got Whipping Cream after Searching almost
like 5 supermarket finally I got at Balaji Grand Store Banjarahills Hyderabad

This Delicious dessert is really rich creamy.As it's rich..I was waiting for morning to have it.

Tried and Tested enjoy :)

Double Cream (Heavy Whipping Cream) 300 ml
Powdered Sugar 500gms
Rose Water 1tsp
Saffron a generous pinch
Milk 80ml (1/3 cup)
Pistachio for garnish

Warm the milk and add saffron to it.Let it sit till the colour is infused into the milk.Mine was actually not s good saffron,so though i get the taste it does not impart great color.Let this mix cool down.

Whip the cold double cream till you get a whipped cream consistency.

Fold in the milk, sugar and rose water.

Transfer to serving cups.I was able to fill 5 medium ramekins.

Cover and cool in the fridge for few hours.

Chop some Pistachio nuts and sprinkle on top before serving.

I don't know if we can use any powder form whip if it works do let me know.

My pure rose water was Edible I get it from Ooty...
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