7-Day Arms Challenge [Bicep Curls Slimming Your Arms]

    Bicep Curls for slim your Arms

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Whenever you want to find exercises for slimming your arms, it's important to focus on your biceps. Bicep Curls are great for that, and they're easy to do.
You need some small weights, and you can start really small if you need to, gradually working your way up to something heavier. 2-3 pounds weights fall right in the middle. Anyway, your back needs to be straight, you hold the weights with your palms facing forward, and you curl each hand to your shoulder.

This Challenge is designed for 7 days, but don't stop there! You can easily incorporate these 
routines into your daily normal workout week once the challenge has ended. After the 7 days The challenge, you can choose two workouts to do each week. Any of these routines can be done easily at home or in the gym. Remember, and follow your routine plan. DIET PLAN is a key role in the fat loss and ultimately how the body looks. 

Here are some tips to go along with your workout:

Drink water - It's a good idea to have water available and drink  more glasses throughout the day, about 2 to 3 liters. How to know if you're hydrated? If urine color is clear or nearly  clear you are likely drinking enough water.

Sodas/Coke/Thumbs up etc... - Give up sodas, including diet.

Avoid JUNK food and Fast food.(Burgers, pizza, Fried and Flour (maida)items.

Eat More-Add more Fresh fruits, Veggies, Nuts, lean protein and  low-fat dairy and avoid processed food that are packed with sodium and refined sugar.

Eat smaller portions, about the size of your fist. Intake 5-6 small meals each day and never have hunger pangs.

Read labels of products and look at the ingredients list. If the product contains refined sugar, enriched white flour, and high sodium, these are food best left on the shelf. Strictly no no...

The Items You need are as follows:

You will need water, 2 to 4 sets of dumbbells of varying weights, a yoga mat, a kitchen chair or flat bench and an exercise ball. Most importantly, you will need a commitment to this workout. Be sure to watch  all the  videos before beginner your daily workout. when doing the 4-minute flat blaster, you will need either a workout partner or interval type timer....

Monday =Day 1

Perform 3 Circuits of the following routine.

Tricep push ups - 12 reps 
Rest 20 seconds 

Biceps curls - 12 reps 
Rest 20 seconds

Triceps kickbacks - 12 reps each arm 
(complete 12 reps total each arm. it's OK TO EITHER perform one type or combine the three types of kickbacks in the video... only 12 reps total per side)

Rest 1 minute

Tuesday Day 2 

Tricep Dips- 20 reps 
Rest 1 minute before beginning 4 minutes fat blaster 

4 Minutes Fat Blaster via youtube - see below or its official name, 

Tabata intervals.You will perform the circuit 2 times which = 4 minutes. 
This routine is designed to continue burning fat for up to 24 hours.

Wednesday - Day 3

Rest/ Recovery Day :D 

Thursday- Day 4

Complete the following circuit 4 times

Tricep Extension = 12 reps
Rest 15 seconds 

Bicep Concentration Curls - 10 reps each arm
Rest 15 seconds

 Tricep Dips - 20 reps
Rest--15 seconds

Biceps Hammer Curls-- 12 reps
Rest 1 minute 

Friday- Day 5

Complete the following Circuit 3 times

Tricep Push up - 12 reps 
Bicep Curls - 15 reps
Lying Triceps Extension- 15 reps 
Rest 1 minute 

Saturday - Day 6

4 Minute fat Blaster
Rest 5  minutes
Complete the following Circuit 2 times
Biceps Curls- 20 seconds
Rest 20 seconds  
Tricep Kickbacks - 20 reps each arm
Rest 20 seconds 

Sunday - Day 7
Complete the following circuit 4 times

Tricep Dips --- Failure (as many as you can do )
Rest 20 seconds 
Biceps Hammer Curl- 15 reps 
Rest 1 minute

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