Butter Cream Cup Cake

This Delicious Cup Cake Recipe is shared by our Member Musthaq Shemu One of the active member of our Page Arabic Bites..She learns to make Frosting/ Decorating from our page mashallah :) .. I'm so happy to share her yummy n cute cupcake with all o you... Special thanks to Musthaq Shemu who always share her best and delicious recipes with us...

All purpose flour 250 grams
Unsalted butter 225 grams
Sugar Powder 250 grams
Eggs 4
Milk at room temperature  3 tbsp
Vanilla Extract 1tsp
Baking Powder 2  1/2 tsp

Beat the butter and sugar and make it creamy.

Add eggs one by one and beat with whisk or beater.

Add half flour which is sifted together with baking powder and whisk.

Add milk and vanilla extract and mix it well.

Add remaining flour and whisk it.

Bake in preheated oven.

Note: You can make 12 cupcakes using half cake batter.
I made the Raisin Cake from other half cake batter, drizzling some raisins from remaining
half of the batter. or you can make 24 cupcakes.

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o my God .. so beautiful looking cupcake

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