Perfect Rajasthani Khasta Kachori

khasta kachori is deep fried puffed pastry with spicy tangy moong dal stuffing. You can substitute moong dal with split urad dal also.Serve this kachori with yogurt and different chutneys topped with sev. By Hajra

 For the dough
 Plain flour-2 cups
Melted Ghee(clarified butter)-1/4cup

 For the filling
 Moong dal-1/2cup(soaked for 4 hours and coarsely grinded)
 Cumin seeds-1tsp
 Fennel seeds-2tsp
 Ginger green-chilli paste-1tsp
Chilli powder-1tsp
 Garam masala-1tsp
 Mango powder(amchur)-1tbsp
 Salt to taste

For the dough
Add Plain flour and ghee together and rub the ghee into the flour so that it looks like wet sand .now slowly add water and knead into semi-smooth dough.keep it covered with a wet cloth for 15minutes. after 15 minutes.knead your dough well.divide the dough into 12 equal parts.

For the filling.
Heat oil in a pan and add cumin seeds.when the seeds start to crackle, add soaked-grinded moong dal and saute for few seconds now add all the ingredients listed under filling and saute well for 5-7 minutes till the raw smell of the masalas disappears. cool, the filling.

 Roll out each part of dough into 2-inch diameter. place filling mixture in the center and slowly seal the ends. gently press in the center. deep fry on low heat till the kachoris are golden brown on both sides.they should puff up like puris.this take a long time to fry as the crust is thick. serve with date-tamarind chutney
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Gloria Fernandes said...

i love kachoris and these look perfect

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