Cleaning Tips To Make Your House Stay Cleaner For Longer

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How to Delegate Right Task For Your Family

Give Everyone in the house their own household responsibilities.
My elder son is in charge of taking the trash out While my younger keeps the yard clean. Assigning everyone a regular duty has eliminated the time we used to waste arguing about who's turn it was to clean what lol.

Clutter- Check! Perfect & Quick solution

Every time you get up to leave a room, quickly scan the room for clutter. If you see items that belong in the room you're going to, take them with you. If you see some items you can drop off along the way to the room you're headed to grab those too. Clearing clutter a few items at a time throughout the day prevents the need for a major cleaning sessions at the end of the day.. :)

Schedule Your Mini - Cleaning Sessions.

You Schedule your meeting and appointments into your day , so why not schedule your housework? Try dedicating a 10-15 block of time each day to cleaning. On Monday's devote your work to the bathroom. On Tuesdays, set your bedroom. Breaking down your household workload into individual tasks makes it feel a lot more  probable!

These tips are focused on keeping your home clean and tidy and
preventing the need for major cleaning sessions, only you can decide what will work for you and your family. Whatever method you decide to try, try to stick to it for at least for some couple of weeks. Once you make cleaning a habit in your home, it'll be hard to break!

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