Stuffed Dates With Ricotta (Paneer)

This extremely satisfying treat, infuses with traditional Middle Eastern Flavours,
 relies on dates for its sweetness-remember to use pit-in dates..

Serve 4 
Time 10 minutes 

Ricotta Cheese (paneer) (you can even use Cream cheese)
1 tsp honey optional 
2 tbsp ground almonds (grind them or crush it)
12 medium  dates 
12 almonds or Pistachios if using pista use unsalted shelled 

In a small bowl, stir ricotta and honey until well combined. honey is optional I did not add.

With a sharp knife, cut a lengthwise slit on 1 side of each date. Remove pits. Using a small spoon, stuff each date with 1 tsp ricotta mixture. Press 1 almond or pistachio on top of each date. Arrange on a serving paltter and, If desired, garnish with additional cardamom powder or serve at room temperature like that yummy n delicious Dates for Ramadan is ready...

Stuffed Dates With Ricotta (Paneer) Stuffed Dates With Ricotta (Paneer) Reviewed by Tabu Hussain on June 16, 2015 Rating: 5

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Gloria Fernandes said...

interesting recipe dear....feel like tasting it now

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