Virtually Stress-Less Ramadan Tips

Virtually Stress-Less Ramadan Tips

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As Ramadan is approaching near and I m planning to clean my house! While

people in general usually consider cleanliness to be a pleasing attribute, Islam

demands it. Our Prophet Muhammad Sallahu alaihi wasallam (peace be

upon him) informed his companions and thus all of us, about the

importance of cleanliness when he said,''Cleanliness is half of iman'' and you

see today so many people appear to forget that cleanliness is so important.

Make your Ramadan stress-less and clean your house to make it peaceful and

beautifull inshallah <3

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We need to keep in mind that the month of ramadan is conditioned with 

breaking Iftar parties. People more often like to invite their friends and

relative at their home in Ramadan. So cleanliness of your home does matter a lot.

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Image sources flickrA month before Ramadan, I start going through the closets looking unwanted and
outgrown clothing that i can give away to charity.

Ramadan is the perfect time to give all items we dont. Organise a bazaar or garbage sale event. 

Then give the profits to charity.At this time, I also round up useful cooking tools or other house wares that i'm not using but maybe helpful for my family and friends

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Then two weeks before Ramadan, I write up a list of target areas i want to

hit. This is easier for me to know wahat i have to. Then  i cross out each

work.. stept by stept.

I note down many useful tip and trick for home cleaning and management

with the help of my mom's guideness. I start the deep clean of my entire house.

 I spend the two- three weeks, depending on whats going so i can do everything at leisurely pace.

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I scrub the walls down with soapy water. Clean behind kitchen appliance and 

furniture. Rearrange furniture. Organize closets. Look over my pantry. 

Condense food containers. Write on my list, what pantry items are low. 

Having a well- stocked pantry makes easier throw-together iftar meals on the 

fly. Not to forget to check and throw away things which are expire.

The deep cleaning of the house , before Ramadan then minimal upkeep 

chores are needed throughout the month. Additionally, Ramadan is a time 

of renewal and spiritual reflection. I believe that in a clean environment 

without extra clutter, It helps one to rid themselves of the clutter in their 

mind and  focus on more important things.

I make my Ramadan Cleaning easier, After completing a full deep clean, my 

clean up plan is pretty much divided into 3 parts:

1 Cleaning up the meal preparation
2 Cleaning up after ifftar 
3 Quick cleaning of different areas of the house.

My main cleaning is after meal preparation and the clean up of the iftar 

meal. I try to prepare suhour anad iftar all at one time, so i'm in the kitchen 

less but also cleaning less. After cooking, there is no delay i go straight to 

getting the food properly stored and the area cleaned up. My children are 

assigned various jobs according to their ability. I find they actually like 

helping me out Alhumdulilah. I 'll be going into more detail about cooking 

in the next Articel post inshallah...

My second major job is cleaning up after iftar meal. While i love cooking the 

iftar meal, but cleaning up afterward is a drag. While you'd rather chill out 

for a moment before going to tarawee prayers, you have this huge clean up 

job to tackle. But it has to be done. Make your intensions clear, make even 

such a mundane job as clearing job as clearing up for the sake of Allah. and 

it will be easier :)

The third cleaning i do during Ramadan is the quick clean. Like i alway do, i 

usually divide my house into areas, or ''zones''.I do heavy cleaning areas like 

the kitchen and dining room, bedroom, etc, during Ramadan i just hit with 

quick 15 minutes clean. Since i did heavy duty cleanup my work is rather 

easy during this month. For this clean, i have a bucket ready filled with my 

cleaning supplies and get to it!

There are a few things i do to keep the entire meantime experiance 

enjoyable from start to finish. Some you've probably know, while others may 

be new .

Clean as you go :- Have a bowl handy to hold food scraps - this can reduce 

trips to the trash can. 

Whipe countertops and wash cookware and utensils as soon as you've 

finished with them.

Use a table cloth that doesn't require ironing or washing. Tablecloths may 

seem like extra work at first but i have found plastic tabelclothes so much 

easier and time saving. If there is a spill, it doesn't go all over and you don't 

have to jump up from the table in a panic to get a rag. I usually only use 

fabric tabelclothes when we have guests.

If the tablecloth is pretty clean when dinner is over, you can just wipe it 

down, fold it and use again. If it is really dirty, you can just toss it into the 

machine. Even that my kids are young, I can often use the same tablecloth 

for months.

Everyone in the family helps clear the table after iftar. The secret to fast 

clean up is to have everyone pitch in and help. My funda is, ''If philosophy is, 

''If you eat,you help clean up'' 

Have a tray or basin ready to place all the dishes in after eating. It is easier to 

carry all in one single trip to kitchen to save your precious time during 


Make a habit and ask your kids to help you in your work by placing items on 

table like napkins, salt shaker, sauce, bread basket.

Have a damp rag and extra plate to wipe down the table with.

Have your Kitchen sink cleaned up, free and ready to be used to wash the 

dishes. Have plenty of soap on hand. Don't forget to stock up before 


Give away or what needs to be tossed.

As you and your family clean, try talking about Ramadan or listening to the 

Quran. Something about being together, it is a prime time to give Dawah.
And share the joy of Ramadan even in cleaning up time. <3 

And make your housework easier during Ramadan, write up general 

housework list and even assign jobs to person in your family.

Feel free to share your ideas on Facebook, Dont Forget to check out my 
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Remember Ramadan is not about temporary change but rather a much needed jump start to a year postive change, Inshallah! 

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