Crunchy Oatmeal Chicken

I made these crunchy Oatmeal Chicken for my Lunch today. Actually i though of making chicken pakoras. But when i saw Oats lying in my pantry, I got an idea of making these recipe. When they are prepared it turned out yummy, and we finished every thing within 5 minutes. It doesn't require any chutney or ketchup.

Chicken 250 gm
oats meals as required
corn flour 2 tbsp
flour maida 2 tbsp
egg 1 beaten
black pepper 1 tbsp
ginger garlic paste 2 tsp
coriander powder 1 tsp
carrawe seeds 1 tsp
red food coloring optional
chicken tandoori masala 1 tsp
lemon juice of 1 lemon
mango powder optional
oil for deep fry

Wash and clean chicken well.

Marinate chicken pieces with salt, ginger garlice paste, pepper powder, coriander powder, carawe seeds(ajwain), lemon juice, red food color, chicken tandoori masala and mango powder..
keep aside at least one hour.

Take a bowl and add corn flour and flour (maida) together and add some water and mix it well.. the consistency should not be thick nor to liquidy it should be equal.

Take egg and break it in another bowl whisk it well. keep aside.

Now heat oil in the deep pan. while the oil is getting heated.

Take chicken pieces one by one and dip in egg mixture then in cornflour paste then roll into oatmeals and slowly add chicken pieces into hot oil.

Deep fry the chicken pieces untill golden brown.

Garnish with onion rings lemon wedges.

Serve this yummy crunchy chicken at snackime or you can have dis for lunch with rice and dal.
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Farheen Banu said...

Wow Tabu this ĺooks sooo Yummy

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