Effective Diet Chart

Effective Diet Chart 
We all want to be fit and healthy. But when it some to sticking to diet and fitness goals, we all make excuses because we are not fully committed to what we want to change.No matter how much we run on thread mill or do exercise all day long,until and unless we do not know the trick of eating right,we may not be able to get the desired shape or able to get into the clothes from past we have always wanted. So here today  I am going to share effective DIET CHART
follow this diet plan, do remember losing weight is not a miracle or a magic wand that you will lose it in a day or week. It will take a time ! so have patience and weekly note down your weight you will realise weekly :).. happy journey do comment below how you like this diet plan and if you have any question comment below...soon going to share more diet tips... 
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  • Start your day with warm water & Lemon or lime add honey if desired.

  • Breakfast- 1 glass fat free milk & 1 apple 

  • After half hour take 4 bread slice with 1 egg white (skip yolk)

          If Big bread size take 2 slices
          If Small size bread take 4 slices

  • 12 PM - 1 glass Juice 

          you can have any juice (Avoid Mango,banana)

  • 2or 3Pm - Have any one fruit like apple, Malta 

          Salad - green leafy like Cabbage
           Chicken breast pieces boil

  • 4 or 5pm- Before exercise drink 1 cup fat free tea or coffee..DO Exercise for at least 30 to 45 minutes.If you cant do exercise then go to walk for half and hour. If Your Heavy weight start with 10 minutes(Daily increase 10 minutes)

  • After Exercise drink Fresh juice.
  • Dinner should be done at 7 pm exactly 

          For dinner have chapptti and any curry(you can have salad too)

  • Before Going to bed have 1 glass fat free milk add sauf and cardamom powder and boil strain and have it.

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