Aam Panna or Abshola

Aam Panna or Abshola  -Delicious mango drink during summer season its a cooling drink.

3 large raw mangoes
Cardamom powder 1/2 tsp
Black pepper 1tsp
2 tsp black salt
Sugar to taste
Jeera Powder  1/2 tsp

Take the raw mangoes and rinse it well with water.
Pressure cooker raw mangoes for 4 whistles till they get soft and tender.
Remove the mango peel and
take out mango pulp.
mix the cardamom, Jeera powder, salt and sugar
to the mango pulp.
mix the ingredients or grind the pulp in mixer grinder or with the help of hand blender to make it smooth.
while serving aam panna, fill aam pana in half of the glass then add half glass cold water. add some ice cubes and serve it cold.

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