Pineapple Triffle Cake

Today I am going to share one of my family favourite Desert. Whenever i make this yummy desert  my family members like it so much...They alway tell me to make this  sweetdish even my mom's neighbours like to have it..... my kids and my siblings including my mom loved it and appreciate my work ☺💖

Ice cream vanila 1/2 liter 
Dark chocolate half block (melted)
Pineapple chopped (i used tin pineapple slices 3 slices with syrup) 
Oreo Biscuit 2  packs 
Mango chopped 1 
Cake spong 1/2kg 
Coffee powder Nescafe 2 tbsp 
Cream whipping 1 cup 

1.Melt dark chocolate in double boiler and set aside.

2.Now cut spong cake in cubes.

3.Take a big bowl add 1 full glass of water then add coffee powder in it, mix it well.

4. Crush Oreos in ziplock bag.

5.Now a deep bottom dish like cake tin or casserol or any kind of big bowl it should be deep.

6.Add Crush Oreos in that deep dish or bowl.level it well with the help of spoon, add 1 slice chopped pineapples and mangoes.

7.Now dip cake pieces in coffee water and layer on it. Set aside
Meanwhile take ice cream and divide it into half and mix it in half melted chocolate. Pour this ice cream and chocolate mixture on cake layer.

8.Again do same process.

9.Lastly on topping add pineaple and mango with drizzle of melted chocolate. Set in freezer for 1 hour depend on your fridge temperature.

NOTE:- Keep some Melted chocolate and pineapple mango for granishing.

Pineapple Triffle Cake Pineapple Triffle Cake Reviewed by Tabu Hussain on May 13, 2016 Rating: 5

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