Cholai Bhatura With One Ingredient

Cholai Bhaturai is Popular Punjabi recipe with spicy tangy flavors...In this recipe i had given a twist which you can easily make at home with just one ingredient its optional u can even add more ingredients to it if u want it more tasty...This recipe is quite easy and time saving which is liked by my family.. ❤️ do try out can easily pack for lunchboxes too...

Kabuli chana (soaked overnight )  2 cups
salt 1 tsp
baking soda 1 pinch
Oil 2 tbsp
Cholai Masala (any brand) 3tbsp

Add water,salt and baking powder in Pressure Cooker to boil kabuli chana for 15 minutes..
Now take a pan or kadai add oil.
when oil gets warms add cholai masala in it lower the flame of pan den cook the masala for minute. the masala should not get burn or dark it should be light brown.
Add boil kabuli chana without its water..
And mix it well add salt. you can even add mango powder or lemon juice for tangy taste..
Now mix it well add that left over boil water of chana in it and cook for 5 minutes on highg heat. Now lower the heat n simmer it for 5 minutes.
Now the cholai bhatura is cooked serve it with puri or paratha add some coriander mint and green chillies..serve hot..
Let us know how it came out in below comments...

Note tip..
Mash some chana with the spoon so it would give extra yummy taste plus gravy..
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