ABC Juice

°What is the miracle of the ABC juice          

°Nourishing vitamins and minerals.

° Delays the aging process. 

°Produce a healthy Pink Blush.

° Boost the brain and sharpen the memory.

° Fights Common Dieases.

° Slows cancer Inflammation.

°Strengthen internal organs.

Apple 1
Beetroot  half
Carrot  2
lemon (optional)
black salt (optional)

Wash and clean apple, beetroot and carrots well with water and peel and cut them in cubes.(dont peel apple)

In a juice mixer add apple , beetroot and carrot.

Add lemon juice and black salt and ginger if desire for more taste.

Add some ice cubes and serve chill.

If you dont have juicer mixer then you can simply use your grinder. Add all ingredients except lemon.Pass the pulpy mix through a strainer and squeeze lemon juice.

•Dont throw the pulp of this fruits you can use it as facepack, apply all over your face and skin and scrub for 4 to 5 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water,it will remove tan and make your skin soft, fair  and smooth. (if you have allergies from any of this ingredients above make sure to do a patch test).
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