Chickoo Banana Date Smoothie Recipe

Make this Healthy version of smoothie for your kids as engery booster iam 
sure they will you more next time ❤️


Banana 2 chopped
chicko   7 to 8 chopped
sugar     4 tsp
milk        1 cup
dates       2 dates remove seeds
Vanilla & chocolate ice cream for garnishing


In blender add banana and chiku with milk then blend it for a minute.

Now add sugar dates in the blender.

Blend it well so that no lumps should found in the smoothie. if needed add some milk.

Now serve it in the glass by adding chocolate ice cream then at smoothie then top it with some vanilla ice cream.

Serve chill. Iam sure your kids will love this as my kids just love this even though they don't no i added dates in it...😜 

Chickoo Banana Date Smoothie Recipe Chickoo Banana Date Smoothie Recipe Reviewed by Tabu Hussain on January 02, 2019 Rating: 5

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