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I'm a mother of two rambunction boys and wife to a loving husband, who serve as taste testers for all my creations in the kitchen.Everything is better on full stomach.I cook when I am happy, tired, sad, anxious, and it always makes my day better.And we always have my family over,gives me plenty chances to keep trying out new innovative recipes. My blog features traditional recipes that i make for my family, simple, healthy family-friendly busy parents can nourish their families(and themselves)
with fabulous meals.while I've always loved cooking, out of these experience I developed a passion for cooking more and more...I spend a lot of time researching the latest and greatest trends, cooking tips and recipes.The way to his heart has evolved over the years, just as my family has. Really, it's should be named ''The way to their Hearts''. This blog contains some original recipes by myself, family, friends and by Blog members and some great recipes I've found along the way. The blog is about showing love through food. Nothing pleases me more than to feed my friends and family good food. My hubby and my family friends always motivate me to try new things to broaden their horizon. I 've alway loved fun, pretty food, But now I'm a mother I try to really drive that home. If you make it pretty, they'll eat it! Who wouldn't? Most of my recipes can be served on weeknight or for entertaining. I don't view some recipes as ''fancy'' and others ''comfort'' Good food is comforting, point blanks. I hope you enjoy my blog as much  as I enjoy writing it! Great things are meant to be shared. Happy eating! Bon Appetit

Love Tabu 
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Tabu Arabic Bites said...

its so good to know about you janu <3 love

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